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FAQ - AGS Youth Soccer

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is your weather policy?
A: Luckily we don't need one! We operate rain or shine!

Q: Can I see a copy of your waiver?
A: Our waiver can be viewed here

Q: I just signed up but what happens next?
A: Thank you for signing up. You should have received an email with the location and time of your program. You'll get a calendar invite reminder a day or two before. Please proceed ot the venue and you should be welcomed by a staff member.

Q: What do I need for my child
A: Children under 5 simply need runners, shorts, jogging pants and a short and long sleeve shirt. 5 and over we recommend shin guards and soccer socks. Clean (not necessarily new) running shoes are required for our indoor programs as well as a backup in case in rains. Cleats or turf shoes are only recommended for children over 5 when we play outdoors.

Q: How does your payment model work
A: Upon entering your details and hitting register you will be taken to a secure payment form. We capture a small payment at registration in order to pay for your soccer kit. Your program fee will begin on your first day of class and be pro-rated until the 1st of the next month. The payment following payment will occur on the 1st of every following month

Q: When should I start my child in soccer
A: Children as young as 18 months are developed to start a structured program lead by a coach. However, at these ages the focus should be "learning to be coached" and following instructions.

Q: When should soccer programming start
A: According to the Soccer Long-Term Player Development guide 30-45 minute training sessions can begin around 3-4 years old. We start a little earlier with an early childhood mindset to get children used to being coached and having fun with soccer.

Q: What size soccer balls should I buy
A: Size 1 Balls can be used up to about age 3, then size 3 balls should be used up until about age 8, size 4 balls should be until about 12 and then size 5 balls may be implemented.

Q: What experience does AGS Youth Soccer have.
A: Our team has over 25 years of experience operating youth and adult programs. Two of our other pograms can be viewed here Mississauga Mens and COED Soccer Leagues and Toronto Youth Soccer Programs