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Fort Lauderdale Soccer School Academy Program

Fort Lauderdale Kids Soccer School Academy Program

The Top Rated Kids Soccer School Program In Fort Lauderdale

We are the top rated because of our excellent coaches, our great facilities and the fact this is all we do!

The Kids Soccer Player Experience

We think that all Kids Sports Programs should emphasize value and fun
• We Only Play On Artificial Turf - Top Quality Facilities
• Each Child receives A uniform kit As part of the signup
• Our Coaches Are Among The Best Early Child Focused In The Game
• Our primary indoor facility provides a conditioned, bug-free, rain-free surface

The Parent Experience

We provide coaches and an incredibly easy sign up process. No in person registration. No parent volunteers
• Sign Up Online, Get Your Gear On Arrival
• Your Child Recieves Structured, Trained Coaching
• Enjoy Great Web Infrastucture Such As Automatic Calendar Notifications
• Better Value - Hour Long Session Blocks (Not 45 Minutes)
• We Welcome A Little Extra Hand From Parents For New Children
• Otherwise, grab a coffee and take a seat

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The Top Rated Soccer Program For Kids In Fort Lauderdale

We're the fastest growing kids soccer program in Fort Lauderdale for a reason. Quite simply our focus is providing EXCELLENT quality and value to kids under 13 - it's all we do! In addition to good facilties and infrastructure (the basics), the important part is hiring the absolute best coaches FOR THE PROGRAM. We spend more time recruiting coaches than anything else. We have a mix of early childhood educators, camp counsellors and soccer coaches that are assigned to classes based on their aptitude with appropriate age groups.

We promise, your child will leave with better soccer skills and a smile on their face. Or your money back!

A Typical Session

What Could Our Kids Soccer Day Look Like
• 9:00AM - Parents Arrive, Free Play With Balls (5 Mins)
• 9:05AM - Kids Race To Clean Up The Playing Space
• 9:08AM - Introductions, Names, Engage Individually
• 9:10AM - Attention Grabbing Warm Ups and Stretches
• 9:15AM - First Game: Fun Game Focused On Fine Motor Skills and Attention
• 9:20AM - Second Game: Soccer Inspired Game For Larger Muscles
• 9:25AM - Third Game: Fun game that may include friendly and controlled competition
• 9:30AM - Group is divided into balanced teams of 3-5. Games emphasize use of space and teamwork.
• 9:55AM - Clean Up, Recognize Children, Talk About Learnings, Say Goodbye


All Of Our Toddler Soccer Classes Include:
• Paid Coaches
• 60 Minute Block Time (not 45!)
• Mix of Social Skills and Athletic
• Each Child Receives A Full Kit (Shirt, Shorts, Socks)
• Sessions At Same Location Each Week
• Sign Up Once - Renewal Automatic On A Monthly Basis - Cancel anytime
• Locked In Pricing For As Long As In Program - No increases
• No Long Weekend, No Holiday Sessions
• Parents Welcome (and Maybe Required) For First Couple Sessions
• Rewards Such As Stickers / Stamps / Medals To Encourage Participation
• Programs Are Located close to Oakland Park and the 95
• Programs Are One Session Per Week (Some Parents Sign Up For Multiple)

2021/2022 Indoor Kids Soccer Locations

All Fort Lauderdale Indoor Soccer Programs Open For Registration

Please use the filters such as your child's year of birth or day of week

Skill Level & Format Kickoffs & Program Time Place & Type Program Fees Action
Skill Level & Format Kickoffs & Program Time Place & Type Program Fees

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1) All Registrations 100% Refundable until 48 hours after first session (Risk Free!)
2) All payment information captured by Stripe. We don't ever see your data
3) Alternative Payment Methods Available Upon Email (15% Admin Surcharge)
4) Cancel anytime in parent portal
5) Only $25 due today to secure your spot and pay for the shirt/shorts kit. Program weekly fee charged on first day.

Pricing / Payments / Commitment

We want to make it easy to join with as little risk and barriers as possible. Here are some answers to many of our parents' questions:

• All registrations are done online. Call if you need help.

• All credit card payments are handled by stripe (used by Unicef, Lyft and Shopify for example). We never see your data.

• You only sign up once. Payments recur on a weekly basis.

• Payments and registration will continue until you wish to stop. You can cancel in the online portal at any time with 2 weeks notice.

• If your child feels too advanced or would like to try a more beginner session we are happy to move around days and programs to best fit your needs.

• Each new registration receives a new soccer kit (shorts, shirt, socks kit)

Our Kids Soccer School Program Info At A Glance

Our programs vary greatly depending on the age of the child. Regardless of the youngest or the oldest, our coaches work on a 10 week rotating curriculum that focuses on key outcomes for that week. The program rotates so one missed week is not detrimental and children can join anytime. For example, they may have missed "left foot kicks" but that will come around again.

The nature of our programs and coaching is also such that competitive kids are encouraged and challenged by the coaches while introductory children are supported by the coaches.

Toddler Soccer Programs

Toddler Soccer is for toddlers born from 2018 to 2019 looking to try soccer or an activity possibly for the first time. Children may or may not be comfortable leaving Mom or Dad and a supporting hand from the Parent is encouraged. Our coaches support children through different games focused on learning basic agility such as balance or kicking. Children will naturally be learning colors and counting throughout. Most importantly, this is an exciting opportunity for children to become independent and "learn how to be coached."

PreSchool Soccer Program

PreSchool Soccer for children born in 2017, builds on the toddler program. While the games are similar, the expectations are different. Children may be supported by parents for a few classes but by about the 3rd class should be fully independent from Mom or Dad. Most children will understand instruction and many begin to thrive in the program. At this point parents should expect that the program is 80% fun and 20% soccer many drills barely resembling the game.

Kids Soccer Programs

Kids Soccer for those born in 2015 to 2016 begins to focus on teamwork and after several sessions may introduce the concept of a "soccer game." Parents should be aware that children at this age rarely pass and certainly don't function as a team. Our coaches are instructed that it is better to change the game than to promote "fun anarchy." Heavy coach participation is expected where the ball is "stolen" and distributed to weaker players for example

Youth Soccer Programs

Our Youth Soccer School Programs for youth born in 2014 and older, resemble what parents would expect from a "soccer program." Soccer drills from the US Soccer player development guides are introduced. For the first time a significant amount of time is dedicated in each session to a soccer games/scrimmage.